30 Day Money Challenge: How To Save $500 In 30 Days

30 Day Money Challenge: How To Save $500 In 30 Days (One Month)

Take up this free 30-day money challenge and discover how to save $500 in 30 days easy and fast in this article.

Saving money is one way we acquire the income necessary to gain capital for a business, project or an investment.

It is also a good method of getting enough to clear those hefty bills.

The basis of riches, in fact, is savings. George Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon explained this exceptionally well.

However, it is difficult to maintain consistency without a good plan and save the amount you need.

Lack of discipline and motivation are also hindrances to saving.

Thus, this money challenge is a drive to enable you to save $500 in one month.

It turns your wishes into a goal and those dreams into reality.

Saving $500 in 30 days may seem like a challenging task for some, but you can achieve it.

What is the 30 Day Money Challenge?

The 30 Day Money Challenge is a simple, consistent approach to saving money.

It gives you both the incentive and the means to save any specific amount in 30 days.

The thought of getting a huge amount of money when you don’t have enough can be discouraging.

Thus, a challenge such as this one makes such a desire feasible by breaking it down into bits.

With this saving challenge, you can have $500 in your hands after 30 days with your cooperation.

The tips on ways to save $500 in 30 days explained in this article will make your journey easier.

Free 30 Day Money Challenge Chart [Printable]

Click here to download Invest Dad’s free printable worksheet to help you get started on saving $500 in 30 days.

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How to Save $500 in 30 Days

1. Control Your Expenditures

The world is consumer-driven, isn’t it?

Too many flashy things to buy, product advertisements hitting us from every side, we can’t seem to escape it.

The attractiveness of these products makes us so eager to have them, even when we don’t really need them.

So you reach into your wallets and get that stuff you just want to have.

But do you really need them?

You must prioritize your spendings, get the things you need and cut back on the ‘wants.’

It is wise to set a limit as to what amount you would spend in a specific period of time.

Keeping a record of your day-to-day spendings also ensures that you do not go beyond whatever limit you have set. 

2. Plan Meals Before You Have Them

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are essential to our well-being, keeps us healthy, and helps us to be active.

However, when we do not set adequate meal plans, we may spend more than we bargained.

Drawing a table can help you know exactly what you need to spend to get those dishes ready.

Planning meals isn’t only financially wise; it is also healthy as it prevents that last-minute pizza and eating late.

3. Be Wary of Addictions

Whether it’s that coffee you take every morning, the soda that calms you during summer, or that pack of Oreos you’re fond of picking up after shopping, addictions drain our income and make it hard for us to save, even the harmless ones.

You’d need to exert some self-discipline, but the reward is worth it.

You can start by reducing the quantity you take and skipping days altogether.

Replacing those addictive substances with healthier and cheaper alternatives can help. 

4. Automate and Set a Specific Amount to Save Daily

With online personal finance platforms like Trim, it is easier to not only save money but automate your savings.

Trim also analyzes your spendings and further helps you determine where you can save money.

Putting aside a part of your earnings will help you reach your target, which in our case is $500 in 30 days.

5. Maintain, Rather Than Repair

You’ve most likely heard of the cliche “prevention is better than cure.” It is as well better to maintain than it is to repair.

Your clothes, shoes, house, and car need to be taken care of and maintained to avoid an emergency situation where you’d need to spend.

It doesn’t cost as much to maintain as it does to repair or buy.  

6. Discount is Your Friend

Whenever and wherever you can, see if you can get a discount to reduce your expenses.

Stores and restaurants offer discounts that can be to your advantage in this 30-day savings challenge.

7. Volunteer

Look around you, and chances are you’d see volunteering services you can seize both as opportunities to earn perks like free tickets and subscriptions.

It is also a contribution to your society.

8. Drive Responsibly

We are all about avoiding unnecessary expenses to help us save more, right? One way to do that is by driving responsibly.

Not only will you avoid uncomfortable moments with the cops and those tickets that poke holes in your wallets, but you will also consume less gas.

Speeding often makes you use more gas than needed and puts you at risk of accidents.

We all know how expensive that can be.

9. Read Books on Finance and Financial Intelligence

Unless you’re a student of business, discussions on finances can be puzzling, boring, and confusing.

Yet, we do need this knowledge in order to manage our finances better.

Books from authors like Robert Kiyosaki gives you these pieces of information. 

10. Put the YOLO Ideology in the Trash

The idea of YOLO (You Only Live Once) does more harm than good.

It quickly pushes people to spend more than they’re supposed to with the thought that life is short.

Yes, life is short, but that does not necessarily mean you will die tonight. While it is good to live in the present, we need to plan for the future.

11. Learn How to DIY

Knowing how to build, repair and modify items yourself can help you save the money you’d have otherwise given to someone else.

For this, you could pick up essential skills like plumbing, changing tires, and fixing light bulbs. The economic benefits of this are enormous. 

12. Get Organized

A lot of people underestimate the benefits of living an organized lifestyle.

It is good for our mental health, physical appearance, and our finances.

Staying organized lets you know what you have, what you lack, and what you really need.

It enables you to have an order of preference that is economically wise. 

13. Live Below Your Means

Make it an objective to live below your means throughout the course of this challenge and beyond.

Living below your means, you ensure that you spend less than you make.

Not only does this prevent you from accumulating frustrating debts, but it also has enormous gains. 

14. Watch Out for Utility Bills

Utility bills are those compulsory bills you need to settle to ensure you live like a civilized American.

They include electricity and water and can become a burden. 

You need to make sure you consume less power and water to keep these bills at a reasonable level. 

15. Sell Things You Don’t Need

One way to make additional money and add to whatever income you get is by looking around your house for items you no longer use and put them for sale.

Chances are, there’s that piece of furniture you have hoarded that needs to go. 

You can opt for a garage sale or go digital on Facebook groups or platforms like Craigslist.

Final Thoughts: You Can Save $500 in 30 Days

Saving money doesn’t have to be ascetic torture.

By partaking in this 30-day money challenge, you will learn how to manage your finances, live healthier, prioritize needs over wants, get more disciplined and be free of debt.

As with any challenge, you must not remove your eyes from the prize, especially when you get overwhelmed.

Some days you may feel the temptation to slip back to old habits, indulge that addiction, or pay for that expensive meal.

When that happens, try and remember why you took up this challenge in the first place. 

Having said that, try not to beat yourself up if you do not meet up with the $500 goal after 30 days.

The point is to have extra money. 

Don’t forget the good habits you’ll also pick along the way. In the long run, you can take control of your financial life.

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