Top 17 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts 2021

Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts - Top List

You can boost your real estate investing knowledge with the best real estate investing podcast.

Podcasts have recently become a prudent carriage that conveys an in-depth knowledge about different subjects matters in this new age.

Only the wise Jumps on this wagon and makes the best use of it.

Do you have an intense flare for real estate investment, yet, you are trapped in the web of a busy day-to-day schedule that does not allow you to set aside time for self-financial growth?

A quick podcast while on your way to work, in the gym, or while walking your dog can go a long way in bringing you an inch closer to achieving what you desired in the real estate world. 

Real estate investment can be tricky, hence, the need to be equipped with all the armors of knowledge.

This helps to secure one’s hard-earned money in the warfare of wealth-making.

Below are the top 17 best real estate investing podcasts that will liberate you from being an amateur investor to a professional.

Get inspired and make huge sums that command bankers to dine with you.

The Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts for the Smart Investor

1. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

The host to this podcast is Brandon Turner and David Green. 

New interesting episodes are released every Thursday of the week. 

What makes this podcast so special is its careful selection of investors with a high level of expertise in real estate, thereby making every session impactful.

A recent episode of Bigger Pocket was titled “Ninja Tips” it tells a fantastic story of an Investor who goes against the tides by investing in Hawaii.

Most real estate investors avoid this city like the plague due to its lack of land.

The story of this great investor named Indar was the centerpiece of that podcast, and I must say; it is one of those inspiring stories you need to hear.

2. The Real Wealth Show

The real wealth show is a podcast series created by investors who care about other investors.

Its pioneering host is nobody other than Kathy Fettke, who is co-CEO of the Real Wealth Network.

This podcast series helps those looking for new opportunities as well as investors who are about to retire and in need of a long-term investment portfolio. 

The Real Wealth Show series is so consistent that they release up to 2-3 episodes every week.

They are always there to feed your hunger to get wealth. Hence you can consider joining the RealWealth community for free. 

3. Real Estate Rock Stars

The Rockstars Nation, as it loves to be called, is one of the best real estate investment podcasts hosted by a billion-dollar agent in the person of Pat Hiban.

It is a practical example of preaching what you do, making it one of the best real estate podcasts out there.

Most times, the host reminisces on his achievement as well as guests who are experienced answers questions that are right in the mind of the listeners. 

If you intend to sharpen your real estate agent skills and become a rockstar in what you do, then these podcasts are for you.

Nonetheless, a non-agent with a flair for real estate investment has a lot to benefit from this series of podcasts.

4. The Cash Flow Guys Podcast

The Cash Flow Guys is a popular podcast series hosted by Tyler Sheff.

The contents usually deliberated upon in this podcast are enlightening enough to liberate any investment dummy.

These podcasts familiarize you with real estate investing and opens your mind to how to be financially liberated. 

One of the most recent episodes shed light on how to deal with eviction cases.

They went ahead inviting an Attorney for a better discourse on the subject matter.

Keeping up with podcasts from The Cash Flow Guys is a habit you can emulate. 

5. Apartment Building Investing

Michael Blank hosts the Apartment Building Investing podcast.

It is the best series you should watch out for if you are interested in a multi-family complex investment.

His strategies are always practical enough for anyone to understand and apply. 

A recent episode from this series is titled; why focus on multi-family operation.

Here, Ashley drops some vital nugget on how only a few women participate in real estate.

She went further to give insight on how to marry asset and construction.

This makes it a fantastic episode, and rather than talk about it; you should listen to it. 

6. Rental Rookie

Do you seek more insight about purchasing rental properties?

Have you been scared of the unknown reality behind rental portfolios?

Well, worry no more.

Emily Du Plessis got you covered in her bunch of series targeted at answering logical questions on rental properties.

A recent episode is centered on real estate investment trust (REIT).

To know more, you can subscribe to the Rental Rookie to get recent updates. 

7. Think Realty Radio

Abhi Golhar hosts the Think Realty Radio podcast.

This real estate investment podcast covers every angle of real estate that you can imagine.

A consistent listener is guaranteed to become so equipped with diverse knowledge about real estate investing that they will become a pro on the subject matter.

A recent episode titled Guiding Light sheds more glint on the best principles to follow when starting a real estate investment.

If you are a beginner investor, this podcast is simply for you.

8. The Remote Real Estate Investor

This podcast bluntly spells out reasons why an investor’s location does not affect participating power in investment.

It went ahead to analyze how remote investors can own profitable portfolios across the country.  

Their podcast help reveals common mistakes to be avoided by investors.

A recent episode was tagged; What you need to know about Tulsa Ok.

They educate listeners on what makes Tulsa Ok an investor market at the moment and giving reliable metrics to back their assertion. 

9. Real Estate Today Radio

This is a fantastic podcast with a weekly release by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

They engage their listeners using different patterns such as call-ins, a report from the field, interviews, and many more. 

A recent episode was titled; First-time investors. 

They went ahead to shed light on the type of real estate investment a starter should be considering.

They advised sticking with anything with credit tenants, such as an office or corporate buildings.

To get the full gist, you can check the NAR’s podcasts.

10. Real Estate Guys Radio Show

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show is one of the oldest podcasts in existence since 1997.

This talk program is hosted by a professional investor named Robert Helm and a financial strategist in the person of Russell Gray.

This radio show is informative, educative, and entertaining as experts dish out their professional perspectives on how best to invest.

If you are looking for an archive of podcasts on real estate investment, the Real Estate Guys Radio Show is for you.

Their website is a make-up of the old and most current list of podcasts.

11. Real Estate Investing Mastery

Many people have shied away from real estate investment, not because of their lack of interest but because they felt they don’t have the enormous cash requirement demanded by this investment portfolio.

Real estate investing mastery gives hope to this set of people as it stipulates easy ways to invest with little or no money. 

Joe McCall hosts this podcast series.

A recent episodes shed more light on how to buy your own house as a lease. 

Does this look like what you have been looking for? You can listen here.

12. Kevin Ward’s Yes Talk

The name, Kevin Ward, is a popular one in the real estate investment podcast world. He is the host of Kevin Ward’s Yes Talk.

His approach to real estate investment is so practical and precise that it does not take more than 20–30 minutes per episode.

I must tell, it’s one of the impactful minutes of the day for those following his episodes.

A recent podcast in his series was titled “What to do when they cut your buyer-side commission.”

The Yes Talk podcast comes with a lot of ease as every topic can be found in an app with easy access.

13. Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing

Do you seek advice, or are you are the type that enjoys informative storytelling?

Then Lifetime Cash Flow is the perfect podcast for you.

Rod Kleif hosts this series of real estate investments. He is like a pillar of experience when talking about real estate investment.

This is so because he owns up to 2,000 properties in his real estate career.

He provides a medium to learn only from the best—this starts from him and stretches to other professionals he brings onto the show.

A Rod’s recent podcast was titled “from refugee camp to $100 million in assets.”

14. Keeping it Real

Just as the name implies, keeping it real is a podcast series that kicks off from a real angle.

It focuses on real-life challenges faced by real estate investors.

It has always been an interactive session where the host questions professionals in a way that educates listeners. 

The most recent episode spoon-fed listeners on the optimum ways to onboard new real estate agents while incurring minimal resources.

Frank Klesitz did a good job interviewing Greg Harrelson.

15. Passive Real Estate Investing with Marco Santarelli

The generation of passive income has been the dream of many, yet, not everyone is earning passively.

Well, with passive real estate investing with Marco, you can get enlightened on the do’s and don’t of earning passively.

Marco Santarelli is an experienced host who is also a founder of Norada real estate investment. 

He is the perfect coach to walk you through the boulevard of making passive income.

If you stay in or around Chicago, this recent episode titled; why you should invest in the Chicago Area Metro area might be good for you.

16. Rental Income Podcast With Dan Lane

Have you been wondering what it takes to own a rentals unit?

Or have you been having issues generating a reasonable rental income from an already owned unit?

A moment with Dan Lane can set you on track; hence, you become financially afloat, keeping you on track to achieving financial freedom. 

A recent episode with Mekkel Blanchard tells how a small rental portfolio pays for half of his living.

It is one of those inspiring and educative stories that spark you up from the inside.

17. Motley Fool Money Show

The Motley Fool’s show is undoubtedly popular in the US. This podcast dishes out edible financial information that sees to the growth of listeners.

It is wise to know the condition of the markets before investing your hard-earned money.

This show guides you through the unpredictable market of real estate. 

The Market Fool Money is a podcast you should start considering when looking for diverse topics captured under one umbrella.

Here are few things to look out for in the podcast—stock, financial stories, business, investing, and real estate.

The Bottom Line on Real Estate Investing Podcasts

The need for housing and accommodation will never be obsolete in the adventures of a man, making the real estate business lucrative.

The real estate industry will continue to be a centerpiece in a man’s life, making it a profitable venture for those who wish to invest in it.

Following through with the property investment podcasts mentioned above gives investors in-depth knowledge of what they are investing in. 

Since knowledge is power, it is only wise to be equipped with enough knowledge-producing podcasts to stay on top of your game as a real estate investor who intends to multiply their money and not lose it.

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