15 Bob Proctor Money Affirmations For Financial Abundance

15 Bob Proctor Money Affirmations For Financial Abundance

Bob Proctor money affirmations could be just what you need to attract that financial abundance you seek. But do they really work? Find out in this article.

Everyone dreams of being rich or at least having more money.

More money to be able to get that new car finally. More money to save for a house deposit. More money to go on that vacation you’ve always dreamed of. More money to just have seating in your bank account for emergencies or to serve as a rainy day fund.

As funny as it may sound to you, money affirmations can help you achieve all these things.

When used correctly, money affirmations are powerful tools that will shape your mindset, instill positive energy in you, and a strong will of focus and mindfulness on your financial habits to achieve your goals. 

Nowadays, financial distractions loop everywhere in the form of entertainment and e-commerce.

Hence, monitoring and keeping up with your income and finances can be a burden that is frustrating and demoralizing.

And the results sadly impact significantly on your mental health, your subconscious, and even your mind. 

You see no way of breaking free from what is termed the rat race (i.e., going through the routine of working a 9–5 job, spending on expenses, and having little income-generating assets and thus being financially trapped in your meager income).

So many people are trapped in a poor financial limbo, and so is their mindset.

Thankfully, positive money affirmations can help you out of this and turn your financial life around for the better.

This article has rounded up some of the best Bob Proctor money affirmation quotes that will help reset your negative attitudes about money.

Before we proceed, let’s get an understanding of what affirmations are.

What Are Affirmations?

The word affirmation is coined from the verb “to affirm,” and it means “to state” something to be true. 

In other words, affirmations are statements made with the intention to reprogram and impact upon in a positive way the conscious and subconscious mind with the result of a change in thought pattern, behavior, and habits.

The words and thoughts you hold in your mind are powerful and exert a strong influence on your being. 

Positive words make up affirmations, and affirmations stir in mind relevant mental images in accordance with your words to motivate, inspire, encourage, and energize you to take action towards the achievement of your goals.

These words of affirmations, when repeated too often along with the mental image that it brings to mind, imprint strongly in the subconscious.

It overrides negative energy in your being and influences you to make changes in accordance with your words of affirmation.

In summary, affirmations are words that inspire a positive thinking behavior and belief.

What are Examples of Affirmations?

A few examples of affirmations are listed below:

“I am a great writer.”

“I am confident, socially, and enjoy meeting people.”

“All my bills are paid up in full, and I still have all this money.”

“I am a great singer.”

“I am naturally self-confident and comfortable with myself.”

“Good things flow freely to me.”

“My income exceeds my expenses.”

“My affirmations work for me.”

“I am connected to the universal supply of blessings and favors.”

“I have the power to create the success and build the wealth I desire.”

“I give myself permission to grow and prosper.”

“I overcome all obstacles that lie in my way of success and independence.”

A Guide on Creating Effective Positive Affirmations

However, in creating very effective affirmations, there are some guidelines to stick to.

  1. Most of your affirmations should start with the words “I am.” This is because it personalizes your affirmation and makes them powerful.
  2. Your affirmation should be in the present tense.
  3. Affirm your affirmations and bar off negative talks or thoughts that are in contrast to your affirmation.
  4. It should be brief and straightforward yet specific.
  5. Your affirmations should be about yourself and not others.
  6. Make an effort to include in your affirmations at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word.
  7. Include gratitude in some of your affirmations.

Repetition of these affirmations daily for about 5 to 10 minutes firmly to yourself with vigor, energy, and enthusiasm will definitely have the intended effect on your being.

When repeating your affirmation, ensure you focus intensely on why you want such declaration to become a reality and what the realization of such affirmation means to you.

For instance, when you say to yourself, “I am a great writer,” visualize the reason in your mind on why you want to be a great writer and what does being a great writer means to you.

Your idea of being a great writer could mean having your works being read widely by people from different races and ethnic groups or topping the New York times as a best seller.

Visualize that. 

You could also write down your affirmation a few times, as that is another way of affirming yourself in your act of writing.

However, the best time for affirmation is just before falling into the world of sleep and right after you wake, also during negative situations. 

Posters with words of your affirmation written on them should be made and stick around your room or a corner in your dressing mirror.

You could also set it up as your phone screensaver, glue a paper with the words on them on your cell phone casing—that way, you are reminded regularly of your affirmations.

Knowing what affirmations are and how to create an effective one, let’s consider some of the benefits of affirmations.

Benefits of Affirmations

  1. It reduces stress levels and improves your mental health.
  2. Affirmations motivate you to work harder.
  3. It helps you cope with threats and intimidation from people.
  4. It helps you cope better with loss and disappointment.
  5. Affirmations improve your confidence.

Do Money Affirmations Work?

“Here’s the key to success and the key to failure. We become what we think about.” The great Earl Nightingale, a late American author on subjects of human character development, quoted.

It doesn’t end there, he continued.

“Throughout history, the greatest teachers and philosophers and prophets have disagreed on many different things. Only on this one point do they all agree.”

Affirmation leads to manifestation. Manifestation in itself is the realization of thought or desire.

It is the visible actualization of something abstract, and most importantly, it is the fruit of the works of affirmations.

When you employ money affirmations often, you are, in a sense, sending a message to your subconscious to set about the task of wealth creation. 

Your subconscious responds to your message by creating a positive wave of energy filled with solid belief, motivation, and intense energy to get the task done.

The result is a change in attitude that conforms to your affirmation towards money:

  • You begin to behave in a way that is in alignment with your affirmation towards money;
  • You begin to take even the slightest notice of money-making opportunities around you;
  • Hence, your affirmation ultimately impacts the way you attract money for the better and gives you ideas on how to manage your money better to make more money.

Science also backs the intriguing wonders of affirmation.

Investigations on the effect of self-affirmation theory on the brain by several neuroscientific studies employing the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans show that following powerful practice of positive self-affirmation, specific neural pathways were increased in a part of the brain called the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

This part of the brain is responsible for self-related information processing and positive valuation.

Hence the theory of self-affirmation is accurate, and money affirmation evidently works.

When you start affirming positive words of wealth to yourself, even if the words aren’t true at the start of affirmation, repetition of such affirmation embeds upon your subconscious mind and thus becomes believable to the person.

This belief helps instill attitude, confidence, and habit in that person to make such money affirmation a reality, thus becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Steps in Making your Affirmations Effective:

Step #1. Firstly, you need to believe that affirmation works powerfully.

Step #2. Repeat them at intervals with a strong feeling of belief.

Step #3. Feel and act as though your affirmation is happening already. 

Step #4. Repeat the process again until you feel you no longer need to repeat yourself in your conscious mind.

Can Affirmations Make You Rich?

So, affirmations, can they really make you rich? 

Author and wealth coach Chellie Campbell believes that affirmations can make you rich when followed with the necessary actions. 

Affirmations themselves cannot spur you into wealth; instead, it is often the first step to the wealth path. 

As Earl Nightingale quotes states, “We become what we think,” which is true.

However, thinking of wealth and sitting idle will not bring about the condition for the realization of your thoughts.

It would help if you backed up your thoughts or affirmation with actions.

The role of affirmation or positive thinking of wealth is to inspire you to take the necessary step in bringing about the realization of your affirmation.

Hence if you affirm rich positive words to yourself, you feel rich and begin acting as though you’re rich and thus attract riches.

Whereas if you think negatively, you feel frustrated, hopeless and attract such energy.

Consider the situation of the rich versus the poor.

The rich seek success and imagine a financially stable future.

When they visualize the future, they see booming business enterprises in their name, a fat account balance, Growing investment, and the likes. 

Their thoughts dwell on these positive things throughout the day, and thus they attract this into their lives as they strive to achieve it.

However, the poor are caught up in obstacles, debt, and worries. And thus, by default, all they can see is a bleak future, hopelessness, filled with financial struggles.

They can’t be blamed if this is what they see in light of their situation.

The broken future they see fills them with unhappiness and negativity, and thus that is what they attract.

What you say and think becomes your reality.

Wealthy affirmations and thoughts can transform into a reality of riches.

Therefore, money affirmations, which inspire actions to take the necessary steps according to your assertions, can make you rich.

15 Best Bob Proctor Money Affirmations to Attract Money

Bob Proctor is a self-help author from Canada and best known for his best-selling book “You Were Born Rich.”

Proctor strongly believes in the law of attraction and maintains the idea of a positive self-image being essential in accomplishing success.

Below are some powerful money affirmations from Bob Proctor.

1. I am a powerful money magnet.

2. Attracting money is easy.

3. I am now so happy and grateful that money is continually coming to me from multiple sources in increasing amounts. 

4. I like earning money.

5. There is plenty of money to go around.

6. Being wealthy feels amazing.

7. Financial freedom is my birthright.

8. Money falls into my lap.

9. Money is wonderful money is my energy.

10. Money loves me.

11. My life is full of prosperity and abundance.

12. I always have enough money.

13. Money flows easily into my life.

14. I love having money.

15. Wealth and abundance flow through my entire being and life every single moment.

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Wrap Up

Hopefully, you now have an understanding of what money affirmation is and the power it holds in resetting a negative attitude about money.

They are not get-rich-quick miracles, and like every growth process, will require time and effort on your part to reap the benefits.

Affirmations are helpful psychological tools that will motivate and help you focus on the positive aspect of life while seeking opportunities to create wealth. 

Be rest assured that overtime money affirmations can indeed transform your money mindset into a reality of financial abundance.

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