How To Make $100 A Day (28 Legit & Realistic Ideas)

How To Make $100 A Day (Legit & Realistic Ideas)

Are you looking for how to make $100 a day? It is very much possible to rake in an additional $100 daily effortlessly and legitimately.

Consider doing this for at least six days of the week; your extra monthly earnings would be approximately $2,000 or more.

That adds up to over $24,000 in a year.

If you get familiar with the various strategies of pulling in an extra $100 daily and put to work these methods all days of the week, your monthly earning would be approximately $3,000, amounting to $36,000 in a year.

Earning extra income like that could boost your finances. It could help cover that debt you’re owing.

It could help you save up to purchase that house you’ve been wanting, and best of all, these ways are something you can indulge in while still working your regular day job.

So, this article lists out 28 legal tried and true ways to make $100 a day.

How to Make $100 a Day Legitimately

1. Get Paid to Answer Online Surveys

Yes, you can make some extra earnings online by giving answers to surveys. 

It is one of the easiest and seemingly effortless ways to make money. Most of these surveys don’t take time to be done with and are accessible.

However, take note, not all survey sites pay well. So if you want to meet the target of earning $100 in a day, you should take on surveys with a site that pays high.

One such site is Vindale Research. They have the potential of paying up to $100 for every survey you take on.

Here is a list of some of the best survey sites to make quick money.

2. Clean Out Your Stuff

A clean-out on your home can help you earn $100 in a day. If you haven’t done a clean-out of your home in a while, then perhaps you should get on with it. 

Rather than leaving old CDs, books, and electronics you don’t use anymore to rot in dust, you could make money off them.

There are sites that buy certain used items. For example, a site like Gazelle allows for buying and selling of used electronic products such as old phones, computers, and tablets.

CDs can be sold on the DeCluttr site, SellBackYourBook will happily pay you a reasonable fee to buy back your old books. 

It is an opportunity to get your home clean and make money from it.

3. Make $100 from Rakuten

Through the Rakuten referral program, you could make $100 or more in a day.

Rakuten is a reputable cashback site, and they are widely known for hosting promotions, daily deals, and discounts.

So if you do send four qualified referrals to them, you’ll be paid $100. This is an effortless way to make $100.

You’ll earn $25 for each qualified referral. The site runs special offers for their affiliate program and pays you for every person who signs up via your affiliate link.

However, currently, they have a special promotion that will pay you $40 for each referral.

What’re you waiting for? Get your friends and start earning.

4. Proofread Documents Online 

If you are good at noticing even the slightest of errors in a written document, you can make some extra cash being a proofreader.

This job has the potential of giving you $100 on a daily basis. 

You get to proofread transcripts on behalf of court reporters, check out grammatical and spelling errors and correct them.

Caitlin Pyle is one successful online proofreader and earns as much as six figures.

She made a free freelance proofreading workshop that can be of help to you if you consider going down this part. 

5. Earn Money Watching Videos Online and Surfing the Internet

Still, on Swagbucks, surveys aren’t the only thing you can do on the site to make money.

There are other opportunities and activities you can take part in to make extra earnings, such as searching the web and watching videos online.

You’ll be required to install the Swagbucks extension and start browsing on it as you would normally do on Google.

Each time you make a search, you’ll be awarded with SB Points which in turn can be redeemed for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.

However, it can take a long while for you to accrue points if you’re just searching on the web.

So to make more points quickly, you should engage in other activities such as watching videos, playing games, and taking on online surveys, as mentioned earlier.

6. Earn Extra Cash on Airbnb

A list on how to make $100 a day is not complete without mentioning Airbnb.

Do you have an extra space in your home?

If yes, then there is an opportunity here to make extra cash.

With Airbnb, it is possible to rent out extra space to tourists in your town. Not necessarily tourists, but just anyone in need of extra space.

For a single night, you can charge as much as $100 or more. However, prices depend on the attractive atmosphere of your space.

To start earning as an Airbnb host, visit the Airbnb site and put down your space on the list.

7. Earn with Turo

Turo is another medium to meet the $100 daily earnings mark. It is pretty similar to Airbnb, except that they don’t rent out extra space; rather, they rent out cars.

If you got a car, you can rent your car out on Turo and make extra earnings.

It is a peer-to-peer spit where car owners can rent their cars out.

It doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes to rent out, and payment is made via direct deposit within five days.

Getaround also offers a similar service.

8. Teach English Online

Tutoring is yet another way to make extra earning, especially teaching English to kids online.

English is one of the most sought-after languages, and thus, there’s a great demand for learning it among Chinese kids.

If you love teaching, are well knowledgeable of the English language, and have some free time, you should consider teaching English to Chinese kids.

You can earn up to $26 every hour—meaning if you work for four hours in a day, you will make a little over $100.

Vipkid and Magic Ears are a few tutoring online companies open to employing teachers.

However, you’ll need a reliable and fast internet connection, a working computer, and a headset to begin.

9. Sell Your Photos Online

Are you good at taking pictures? You can earn money for your talent. 

There are countless stock photo websites where your photos can be sold, and you get paid in return on a monthly basis.

Below are some of the best stock photo websites to sell your pictures.

10. Get Paid Over $100 a Day to Deliver Food

You can work delivering food to people in your leisure time and earn as much as $100 or more daily. 

UberEats and DoorDash are a few companies that will employ you for this service as they are always on the lookout for delivery workers.

This service is convenient for people who prefer and enjoy the luxury of having restaurant meals being delivered to them at their doorsteps.

DoorDash is a medium to the sale of this service, and they are willing to pay a reasonable fee to take on this task.

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11. Listverse Wants to Pay You $100

Are you interested in writing? If yes, then Listverse is the place for you.

Listverse is a creative freelance writer website that focuses on “Top 10 Lists” articles on a variety of topics, and they are willing to pay $100 to write a list article.

You have creative freedom to write on whatever topic of your choice.

However, your articles must be free from English errors.

12. Make Extra Cash by Testing Websites

Testing websites is another way to earn extra income. Working as a website tester doesn’t require much of your time and effort. 

You would have to go through certain websites and apps and then carry out some tasks on these sites and give feedback. 

The task could be you telling how fast the website loads or just simply surfing through the site. 

The regular pay rate per test falls between $8 to $10.

However, a company like Test.IO pays as much as $50 per test. Hence, two test sums up to $100.

13. Make $100 a Day with Uber

If you own a decent car in good working condition, you can make extra earning and hit the $100 daily target.

All you need to do is join Uber or Lyft and start driving people around on your own schedule. 

Getting approved to start working as a driver for Uber doesn’t take more than 48 hours.

The pay is an average of $24 per hour. So if you do work up to 4 hours in a day, you can make $100.

14. Manage Social Media Accounts for Clients

Several businesses seek out experts to help in the management of their social media accounts. 

This is another opportunity where you can make extra earning.

If you’re familiar with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, then you could offer social media management services for money.

The job involves creating stunning graphics content, curating content, copywriting, scheduling posts, creating sponsored promotions, analyzing data, and tracking the performance of campaigns.

You can earn as much as $40 to $60 per hour. This is one of the easy ways to make $100 in a day.

15. Make Money Doing Tasks 

You’d be surprised to learn that most people wouldn’t mind paying to get people to help out with little tasks and errands.

It could be a little task to pick up the laundry, run to the store, and distribute birthday invitations.

If you have a lot of free time on your hands, you could make extra earning with this medium.

There are many websites on the internet where you can connect with people in need of a service such as this.

Most of the people you’d be helping out with minor chores are people in your locality.

TaskRabbit is one online platform to connect with people in need of your freelance labor service.

You can make as much as $25 per hour. Working a few hours in a day would surely earn you $100.

16. Give Your Opinion

You can make money airing your opinions on a specific subject of interest, political issues, or product when you join a paid focus group.

Usually, this can be done online; however, it can sometimes be done in person, other times via phone call.

It’s surprisingly one of the fastest ways to make $100 fast in a short time.

A site like SurveyJunkie, although most reputable for being a survey site, also pay people to participate in a focus group.

However, you have to go through some question screening to be selected. 

If you are eventually selected, you can earn as much as $150 for a one-hour session.

17. Refinance Your Student Loans

One might not realize, but refinancing your student loan can save you a lot of money.

LendKey has proved helpful in this regard, having helped over 68,000 customers save an average of $10,000 each on student loans.

In a way, this is earning $100 in 100 days. If you have student loans, this is one way you can implore to pay up and save up on it.

18. Become a Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is straightforward. VA carries out tasks on the sites of site owners.

Such duties include managing emails, editing and proofreading articles, making pins for Pinterest, etc. 

Here are 275+ Services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant and make money.

The pay rate of a VA is decent and reasonable. You can make as much as $50 per hour and thus, easily make up to $100 in a day.

If you consider yourself capable of working as a VA, you should grab this opportunity now.

19. Become a Dog Walker

According to American Pet Products Association, Pet owners in the US spend about $6.11 billion on services for their pets.

Here lies an opportunity to rake in extra income.

Rover connects pet owners with people who offer their service in pet-related tasks. Such tasks may involve;

  • taking a dog for a walk,
  • staying overnight with a pet,
  • drop-in visits (you get paid to have a play date with a pet).

However, the pay isn’t fixed but varies. Nonetheless, it’s reasonable, as there is high demand for pet-related services.

Rover stated that every four seconds, bookings are made for a dog walk or dog sitting.

You definitely can make 100 dollars or more in a day doing pet-related tasks.

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20. Babysit

The service of a good and reliable babysitter never seems to dry out.

Why should it? Babies never cease to exist. 

This provides an opportunity to make extra earning up to 100 dollars with just a few hours of work in a day.

On a site like Sittercity, you can set up your profile offering your service as a babysitter and get clients in need of this service to contact you.

You set your own rate, and if you offer tutoring along with babysitting and boast certain skills such as CPR qualification, you can increase your rate.

Usually, rates fall between $15 to $40 per hour.

21. Deliver for Amazon

If you’ve purchased an item from Amazon, then you’re likely to be familiar with their delivery service. 

You can turn the tide around and work delivering for Amazon.

Amazon Flex hires drivers to work delivery. The pay rate is between $18 to $25 per hour, and you work on your own schedule.

The work is direct; you get to pick up packages from the designated address and drop off the packages. 

As simple as that; and you can repeat the process to earn as much as you want to.

22. Freelance Writing

Being a freelance writer is another way to earn $100 daily. However, this involves actively working, not a side gig you could pursue in your leisure.

The potential earning as a freelance writer surpass $100 in a day.

You are likely to earn more than that if you’re in high demand. On a single written article, you could make $250, $500, or even $1000.

There are freelance writers that earn six figures annually. Holly Johnson, a successful freelance writer, earns more than $200,000 per year.

Fiverr is one reputable site where you can offer your service as a freelance writer and connect with clients.

23. Become a Shopper

Do you enjoy shopping around? If yes, you could earn extra income shopping for others.

Instacart provides a medium for this to be done. 

You work as an independent contractor and deliver groceries to clients in need of your service and get paid. 

The average pay rate falls between $10 to $20; however, you could earn as much as $25 per hour during busy times such as the festivity period.

This is almost an effortless way to make $100 a day. 

You get offered an order, you shop the order, deliver it, and you get paid, all at your own schedule and convenience.

24. Answer Questions for Money

As a resident of the United States, you could earn more than $100 in a day and up to $100,000 in a year by giving answers to questions online on JustAnswer.

JustAnswer connects experts in various professions like doctors, software engineers, lawyers, and plumbers to people who need answers to questions related to their profession.

To get started, all you need is a smartphone device or computer and a stable internet connection.

Next, you are to sign up for free on the JustAnswer website and begin giving answers to questions.

You work at your own schedule and select the questions you are to provide answers to. 

However, payments are made monthly via PayPal.

25. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is another perfect way to earn $100 on a daily basis and passively.

You can make extra income blogging in several ways. 

It could be by creating your products and selling them to readers, or advertising on your blog, or through affiliate marketing.

The financial reward from blogging is enormous, and yet it doesn’t cost much to start.

However, you would have to invest your time in the blog, creating engaging content to make it profitable.

Bloggers earn as much as $3000 or more in a month from their blogs.

26. Make 100 Dollars a Day by Creating and Selling Online Courses

Creating and selling online courses is yet another way to make money passively and achieve the $100 a day mark.

However, many do not realize this. Is there any subject of interest you have deep knowledge of?

It could be knowledge of another language or that of a specific career.

You can convert your knowledge into a way of making money by creating a course on the subject and then selling it.

Teachable and Skillshare are some of the best platforms for you to create and sell courses.

The price of courses ranges from $5 to $500. Setting a price for your course should depend on your targeted audience.

With the right marketing, you can make some serious money from your courses that will sum up to earning $100 a day.

The great thing about this is that you only get to create a course once but enjoy the financial benefit endlessly.

27. Become a Mystery Shopper and Make $100 a day

Mystery shoppers are specific shoppers with the assignment to rate the shopping experience of a particular store, restaurant, salon, or any service location and provides feedback.

They rate the condition of the store, customer service, staff behaviors, quality of food, among other things, under the guise of shopping.

They also provide their feedback through an online questionnaire and receive payment.

A mystery shopper can make as much as $75 per assignment.

You can sign up for gigs with companies like Premier Service, Bestmark, and Market Force to begin.

28. Earn with Affiliate Marketing

In Affiliate marketing, you earn a commission for selling someone’s products and services online via your links.

In today’s modern world, a reasonable percentage of the population purchases items online.

Hence, you can make extra income via affiliate marketing.

All you need to do is promote a particular service or product using your referral links on a platform.

It could be your social media platforms or your blog page.

You earn commissions that range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars for every sale via your referral link.

If you sell essential products that are always in demand, you could easily make $100 on a daily basis.

Wrap Up: Start Earning 100 Dollars a Day

Definitely, you should be swimming in ideas on how to earn $100 in a day after reading this article.

Some of the methods listed may involve actively working. 

However, most are passive income, and others are what you can do in your leisure. You can work on more than one method if you seek to earn more. 

Nonetheless, you are now more knowledgeable on realistic and legit ways you can make $100 on a daily basis.

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